Tuesday, 12 July 2016

surprise someone with me book. series - 1.2

Hi friends welcome to chatpatiilife once again, today I bring you the gift #2 from my surprise someone series.

The gift today i am sharing with you is the one surprise gift you can give to your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend or even yourself. It could be perfect gift to any women in your life who matters to you and you want them to know how much you adore them.

Gift no #2

It’s a me book.

gifts from surprise someone

The one thing that book ask you to do is to take out your time. Time to love yourself, reflect your life, live back some moments to celebrate yourself and your life.

The book has 19 pages, with chat bubbles ranging from 4 to 6 on every page. Many of them highlight some quotes, some emotions that we women goes through in our life and some are blank to fill your own thoughts.

gift from surprise someone

Each bubble has a date section to give the thought a memory, a date when you had felt that the thought on the page just reflects your day.

The thought behind keeping this book is to take out the time from your busy day and explore yourself. To pen down your emotions on to the paper, to which you can look upon in future. To keep the track of the memories and one time when you are just going through this book you can live up all your thoughts again. you can bring up your memories back again.

gift from surprise someone

You can purchase the me book for 399/- from here.

this is the me book, check out my other review of these gifts on

or you can check out the surprise someone store here.

Friday, 8 July 2016

surprise someone - gifting some love. series - 1.1

Hello friends welcome to chatpatiilife once again, today i want to share about the new website/ online market i found out some days ago. It is , an online gift shop. The surprise someone is started by the mother and daughter duo, Mrs. Sharda Daga and Mrs. Pinky Maheshwari.

surprise someone online store

The thought behind starting this company is getting smile on faces. Their motto is that the smile is the best curve you can give on someones face, with their handcrafted an personalized gifts you can actually give a happiness to someone. Their gifting items are made keeping in mind that the gift is not the actual happiness but the care you show with it is what matters actual.

I was really excited to have some of their products to have a look while i got in contact with pinky. She was kind enough to send me some products to share with you all and thus am going to start a mini series to share all those goodies with you on the blog. 

Gift #1

So today am starting with the first box i pulled out of parcel. It is a cute hut.

The cute box in the shape of hut. The first thing I remembered while I saw that was my school project when I was in class1 and we have to make a hut in holiday home work. The hut is decorated with pretty colorful paper and have a slit on one side to peep inside and also to open the box. The roof of hut comes off so you can easily store the gift or anything you wish in it.

hut storage box.

hut storage box.

It is such a cute box to gift some pretty little things or keeping as a storage organizer for yourself. I just love to keep cute boxes and store my things in them. So this cute hut is going on my computer table and will store all my small pen-drives and cards which I use a lot.

hut storage box.

You can check out the hut on the site here and can purchase two of them for INR 100/- only.

hut storage box.

Next time i will be back with another gift from surprise someone series. Till next time have fun and make your life chatpatiilife.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

aaranyaa travel kit review - hair and skin products.

Hi friends welcome back to chatpatiilife once again. Yes, once again am back with another review, but what to do I have a lot of products which I am kind of using and want to share which I like or not with you. But, soon there will be a new addition to the blog with which it would be a lot more easier and fun to share the reviews. Stay tuned till last to know about it.

Well, today the product in limelight is not just one product but a kit. It is Aaranyaa travel kit. This June sun was going super hot here and everyones packing up to visit a cool place like hill station or something to get out of this scorching heat. So I thought it will be a good time to try and then introduce this traveling kit of skincare with you all guys.

travel kit

About Brand.

Aaranyaa is basically a skincare brand which is the production of Dr. P.R.Singh with vedic natural care pvt ltd. for a common mission that is to make the Aaranyaa a household name for skincare. Dr. P.R.Singh is an NRI who is a cosmetologist with more than 40 years of experience. He had been the chief of R&D of Elizabeth Arden for 18 years!!.
All of their products are mostly available in form of creams and lotion which I will share with you some other time.

Brand Claims

Aaranyaa use natural extracts to make their products. Amino fruit acid (AFA) is the base of all their products which makes them pure natural. All the active ingredients are ayurvedic herbs or other organic ingredients which are used to make the products and act as the force multiplier in products. The products are also water based which are easily absorbed into the skin. Their huge range of products are made specially with every body part keeping in mind. Aaranyaa have huge variety of products for hair, face, body and feet.

travel kit

About Kit

the aaranyaa travel friendly kit has super cute bottles to take with you on your any trip. The kit is made specially keeping in mind that what a person would essentially need on his/her trip. All of the product in kit are 50 ml of quantity. I got this kit in a giveaway by the company and am really loving the cute bottles stashed in my vanity as display while am not traveling.

What is inside?

Well the Aaranyaa travel kit had came just in a cardboard box with their pamphlet, while I was expecting at least a pouch or carry bag with it. As it is a kit it would look pretty in a pouch made to store them perfectly. But, its fine.

The kit contains 5 mini size bottles which could be used for 2 or 3 days trip. It contains 2 shampoos which are seabuckthorn shampoo and Argan shampoo. Both the shampoo are sulphate free which is one of a high quality of the brand.

It has hydrating body lotion which is enriched with argan oil. A body lotion for which I am kind of skeptical that it is enough quantity that would last for 2, 3 days. Well the body wash is again sulphate free and contains cranberry essential oils. The last product is a face wash which consist of neem and tulsi extracts and claims to be anti bacterial.

travel kit

My experience with these products

Well I had only used them once as they wont last if I had to review them after multiple usage, hahaha. So back to the kit 

1. Seabuckthorn shampoo The light yellow colored shampoo smells heavenly, I just love to sniff it again and again and after the wash the fragrance lingers in hair for whole day and I was controlling myself to deliberately taking my hair and sniffing them. The smell is kind of rich and brings the vibe of beach sunshine and vacation. It claims to give soft and silky hair which is somewhat true. My hair really feels more soft after wash which results in less breakage while detangling.

travel kit

2. Argan shampoo This shampoo is light leaf green in color, it also has the same kind of smell but with a ting of lemongrass. I had a chance to use this shampoo only once as well when I was out for a small vacation. The formula is made to give long and strong hair but I can’t comment on that as it is not possible to determine the length or strength of hair in one or two wash. But the shampoo is really effective to keep the head calm as it feels cool after using the shampoo and using this shampoo in hot weather is just a blessing.

travel kit

3. Body lotion The hydrating body lotion is enriched with argan oil as well. But unlike the shampoos it does not smell nice atleast to me. It smell reminds me of baby medecines, maybe due to having lot of oil and shea butter in it. Other than the smell which is a turn off for me, I used it and liked the overall work. It is in off white color with medium thick liquid consistency if you could understand. It is smooth to apply ad gives an instant finish of smooth skin the smell is really hard to notice after couple of minutes of applying it. So it can bear with the smell for the rich smoothness it provides.

travel kit

4. Body wash The body wash is enriched with cranberry essential oils thus smell really fruity. Like a concentrated fruit pulp. The smell is overwhelming but sniff directly but after using on body it becomes soft and lingering which will be there for couple of hours. The fruity smell is what attracts me most to it but its not just nice smell but also pure. The body wash is sulphate free and gives a moisturize feeling after bath. Normally i use a moisturizer after bath, if i use soap but with body wash or shower gel i think you can skip the moisturizer.

travel kit

5. The last one is the anti bacterial face wash enriched with neem and tulsi. The face wash has really mild smell of neem and tulsi, just like a pack. Which is quie intresting to me as all other of the kit components have really outrageous smell. The idea behind the mild smell maybe that it has to be used on face and many people don’t like strong smells, which makes it friendly to the sensitive noses!! It really cleanses the face well an left the fresh and soft feeling behind after the wash.

travel kit

So these were my takes on the aaranyaa travel kit which they call as ‘Aaranyaa trai-vel kit’ you can purchase the aaranya products on their site as well as on flipkart, amazon.

Now, m coming back to the news which I think many of you must be waiting to know. Chatpatiilife is going visual !! Well actually its already visual but kind of through the words that you can read but now you can actually watch the chatpatiilife. Welcome the chatpatiilife to youtube soon and shower your love their as well as you are giving here. More fun more chatpatiilife is awaiting ahead on youtube to meet you.

Till next time, make your life - Chatpatiilife!!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Eduardo's Milonga De Mis Amores - the launch night to remember!!

Everyday of our life is become more of hectic, home to office and back is became the daily routine of almost every human. What we need is to relax and take some time to be more socialize. This Friday on July 1st is was able to witness a new way to relax, socialize and meditate, it is through Tango.

What is tango??

Tango is a social dance originated in Argentina in 1880’s. The slow and sensual dance is highly addictive and you can’t just sit still while there is tango going around. The classy, sensual and sophisticated dance is being famous in west as Obama was also seen dancing tango while e was on his visit to Argentina. And now just because of the lovely Kiran Bajaj Sawhney and sir Eduardo the Tango has taken the steps into the Delhi. Its been 14 year since kiran has been introduced to tango, thanks to that day we are able to learn from our own master in tango.
tango milango

The gala event.

The event is the launch of Eduardo's Milonga De Mis Amores in the grand 5 star hotel the Eros hotel, New Delhi. The event was not just limited to introduce the tango in society but also a milango. Milango is a tango social where everyone knows tango, dances tango, only tango music gets played. where you can socialize with other lovers of the dance as much as you are.

The guest.

The guest list was full of enthusiastic bloggers who wants to check out the new form of dance and be a part of it. There were expats, diplomats, ambassadors and dignitaries to attend the wonderful event going unfold.

The place

The place is as I mentioned before is the grand 5 start hotel located in the Nehru Place, New Delhi - the Eros hotel. The ambiance was setup in the club bar of hotel Eros with candles, dim lights and the soothing tango music. The place was filled with people enjoying the mood, the tango and the yummy appetizers that were serving there.

eros hotel

eros hotel

eros hotel

 The unfolding of event.

I arrived there just in time to have greetings with our host Kiran Sawhney. Just after we settled the event start with the tango class from non other than sir Eduardo starting with the basic steps to tango and teaching us some lovely poses to strike in tango with her beautiful partner Kiran Sawhney.

learning tango

learning tango

After the class we were able to witness the striking performance of sir Eduardo and Kiran sawhney first hand on tango which was spectacular even without any rehearsal ever before on that.

tango performancetango performance

tango performance

After there performance we were given the dance floor to ourselves to explore the dance and join in the milango and enjoy the night in the ambiance of the sensual tango. The Tangueros who dances tango were so much supportive and welcoming others to dance and even ready to teach ad do some moves with the beginners.

eros hotel

Overall experience.

The night was fun, filled with soothing rhythm, sensuality and belonging all just because of our host Kiran Sawhney who made it possible for us to get to know tango, to be a part of milango and to know a dance form which is not just fun but a part of meditation itself. It felts to be apart of night with her hospitality and warmth which welcome us to be part of the milango, be a part of tango.

kanu gupta and kiran sawhney

As there is a saying in tango community that ‘you do not find Tango, Tango finds you. And if its calling you out, you can learn this dance from the first school of tango dance itself started by Kiran Sawhney, the NDTS New Delhi Tango School in GKII.

With this note I take leave from you today till next time don’t forget to make your life - Chatpatiilife!!

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